Do you have Hidden Profit Blockers that are holding back your business?

Calling the question…

After years of working with clients in various organizational environments, I’ve realized that in most organizations there is a big question lurking. It is the elephant in the room. These elephants exist regardless of how well the organization is performing, but they are definitely present if there are issues with underperformance.

As the leader, it is your job to figure out this big question and then ask the question. Here are some of the big questions that need to be asked but often are not …

Do we really have a viable strategy and business model? Why is this worth doing?

If we are not getting results, is it because our strategy is flawed or we are not executing it?

Can we agree that our current behavior is generating our current performance? If so, what specific behavior do we need to change to improve performance?

What is really going to change? Why should we think things are going to be different?

Do we really have the right people on the team?

If we keep congratulating ourselves and keep saying that we are so good, then why aren’t we better?

Why do we have the same meetings over and over again?

These are just a few. What is your big question?

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