The Mind Vault Intensive

Are you looking to increase the growth, profitability and performance of your business, career, and life — yet not exactly sure which direction makes the most sense for you or exactly how to proceed?

I see this scenario EVERY DAY, and very likely may be able to help you.

Seriously, do you really believe you are fully realizing all of your potential, no matter how successful you already are?

Let me share two key lessons that apply here from my training in martial arts. I study Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, I Liq Chuan, and Pilates — disciplines that rely on alignment, leverage, timing, awareness, and coordination of mind and body.

Yet the challenge in learning these arts is that I CANNOT SEE MYSELF.

I rely on trusted teachers to guide me to the next level in my growth — to show me when I’m out of alignment and observe when my attention has wandered or my energy is unfocused.

Lesson 1: Tiny adjustments create huge leverage. As a high-performer, often you need just a slight tweak to unlock huge performance gains.

Lesson 2: It is very difficult, if not impossible, to see yourself. And the higher your level of performance, the smaller the circle of people who have both the ability and willingness to help you see what’s next.

If this resonates with you, then I’d like you to consider working with me in the MIND VAULT INTENSIVE — where we crack open the vault to unlock the vast wealth and opportunity that only lives in one place — your mind.


To qualify for this intensive experience, you are:

1.You are a highly-committed INDIVIDUAL. Your exact title does not matter to me. Your desire and commitment matters way more than your current title. You may be an entrepreneur, corporate professional, hi-potential manager/leader, small business owner, or anything else. You don’t fit into a mold, nor do you want to.
2.You are visionary and growth-oriented: You have a vision for what you want to create in your business, career, and your life to go beyond where you’ve ever been. You may not have all the details figured out. That’s fine, we’ll help you.
3.You are high-impact and service oriented. You want to make a difference — not by tinkering around the edges, but by creating and providing products and services that really impact the lives of those you serve.
4.You are accountable for results and performance. Your work is not a hobby. It must ultimately create external financial results for your company and your personal income.

All that said, you may be experiencing one or more current challenges:

1.You aren’t clear on exactly which DIRECTION to take.
2.You’ve plateaued in some aspect of your life and can’t seem to break past it.
3.Your environment (either internally in your mind or you peer group) is a bit stagnant and needs a boost of fresh thinking and challenge.

The next event is March 15-18 and is nearly sold out. If you would like to find out if this event is a fit for you, reach out to and she will get you on my calendar.