BeckmanTeri “Working with Ron Wilder and his team is a complete joy. If you are wanting to get laser focused on how to most quickly grow your business, please find your way to him. I met Ron when I was in a confused state about what direction to take my business – and money does not like confusion. Ron helped me to see clearly what my real strengths are and helped give me the courage to step into those strengths with integrity and compassion. Within a month my pipeline of potential clients filled and I am seeing conversions, one by one. He offers sales processes tailored to fit me individually like a glove and when I follow them, they work. Thank you Ron, for giving me my business back!”

Teri Beckman, Skillful Means Training and Consulting

“I’ve known Ron Wilder for about five years, and what I always say about Ron is every time I talk to Ron, I make money. The reason for that is Ron has an incredible ability to see opportunity that I don’t see. He can look at my life and my business and my strengths and my gifts, and show me a way to step into greater revenue generation, greater opportunity that was invisible to me before.What is unique about him is his vision, his clarity, his centeredness, his expansive expertise and experience, and the other thing that is incredibly unique about him is just his degree of integrity. I have such a high level of trust and confidence in him, that I’m willing to do things and try things that I don’t think I would for anybody else, and the results have been really magnificent. I mean, things he said to me in 30 seconds have changed the trajectory of my whole business.

He’s someone I recommend to people who are highly committed to the work they do, who are ready to experience the next level of success, make a difference in the world, and who want the kind of partner who will provide a stable base and insight that really, I don’t know anywhere else they can get.”

Michelle Baumann, Transformational Coach

“When I first started working with Ron, I had a hobby and not a business. He helped me literally triple my rates and have the confidence to be able to sell that in the sales conversation and it instantly worked and it’s just been growing from there.

I would recommend Ron to a friend or anyone in business because what he brings to the table is the strategy you need but then he really shows you how to get there. He doesn’t just leave you at the table to go figure it out by yourself. I think his real strength is being one to really see your inner strength and guide you to get to the place you need to go.”

Lee Heyward, Style with Lee

FaggionMark“The benefits that I get from working with Ron, first is education. He does a great job of working with you to understand core concepts around marketing, sales, and then what sits underneath that within our own lives that hinder our ability to do those things well.

The second thing he does really well is he’s an amazing problem solver. He is able to take the things you say, that things that you’re struggling with, the things that you’re wondering how to do better, and he elicits information you and does a great job of coming up with amazing solutions, many that I’ve applied successfully in my own business.

The third thing he does well is he helps you with accountability. He’s very good at calling you out. He’s not afraid to get in your face. He’s not afraid to point out the silly things that you may say. It can be a little scary at times but he’s very gracious in his manner, so it’s not intimidating or overwhelming.

I think what makes Ron unique in terms of being a valuable coach to entrepreneurs is that he has a good mix of the personal along with the skills. He’s more of a craftsman, that he understands the science and the art and the personal nature that sits under becoming a good businessperson. That mix is rare. Normally you have somebody who’s really good on one side or the other. He’s very good with both. The fact that he has a lot of experience to draw from means that the things that he shares with you he’s pretty much seen or experienced. That gives you a whole lot more confidence in what he says.

Because he deals more on the personal side, he deals with some of the psychological or personal challenges that hinder your ability to do your business well. The fact that he brings those up and helps you work through them just has a broader impact in your whole life. With things like confidence and the ability to step back and not take things defensively, has played out not only in my business interactions, but even in my personal life as well.”

Mark Faggion, Shepherdwise

RichardAveritt“I am a serial entrepreneur and I started working with Ron first in 2003, so that’s about 11 years ago, when I was working on a web based project and he had some expertise I wanted to tap into. What developed form that is a deep and long-lasting relationship and friendship and mentorship. I have come to the place now where anytime I start a new venture or project I want Ron as a side kick.

I have taken him on, I guess we have been through 6 projects or companies, sometimes they’re shorter engagements than longer and he is always my right hand. The reason that I like working with Ron is that he has an extraordinary ability to think through the business model side of a problem. He marries that in an nontraditional way where he’s really thinking about the psychology of the individual and how that plays into the business decisions and the interactions that you have.

My experience is that sort of underpinning of behavioral psychology, more often than not, provides the answers for the really deep challenges in any business engagement. I just find that I have far greater success when I’m using Ron as a sounding board. Particularly in difficult or complex environments.”

Richard Averitt, Serial Entrepreneur

BaillieGinny“I’ve been in the field of business coaching consultancy for 17 years. Last year, I really wanted to completely re-engineer my business. I knew that I needed somebody to knock me over from the way I was doing things before. I searched around and I came across Ron. From the very first session we had, he was a complete pain in the backside. I really knew at that point that he was going to be the coach for me. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches. I usually can see what’s coming and I’m quite slippery like that. With Ron, that’s never been the case.

He’s completely re-engineered my business, it has been a completely uncomfortable process and then results I’ve got from it have been things that I couldn’t possibly have expected. Within nine months, I have entirely changed the way I am with my clients. The profit factor has increased significantly. I think one of the main things is that I am a much, much better coach and consultant to my clients now. Ron’s really raised the bar for me and I would really recommend working with him.”

Ginny Bailey, Business Coach